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Welcome to Onespot video. We love to bring fresh ideas and creativity to every project.

We'll dive in to understand every detail and technicality so we can deliver the best solution to drive your sales. Our creatives include 2d, 3d animation and film for events, promotion and testimonials to say a few.

We've had a revamp of the OneSpot website and added to our armoury of skills by an additional option to give your business a boost. During the Covid19 environment, organisations have seen realised that long distance delivery and training is a must. Creating video and eLearning content is vital to up-skill staff and maintain internal standards. OneSpot Video is pleased to have worked with various organisations to deliver high quality content for long distance staff inductions to customer service digital learning which has already made a high impact rate on the staff.

The e-learning buzz

We’ve been creating top notch solutions across just about every e-learning sector you can think of.

If you haven’t heard of e-learning yet, where have you been?

Whether you’re looking for ways to give employees control over their own learning experiences, reach an area of the business you’ve been struggling to connect with or you’re simply looking for a cost-effective way to educate your workforce that doesn’t bore them to tears. e-learning might just be your answer.

Let us take the pressure off. At OneSpot Video, we’re great at developing rapid e-learning solutions: our flexible development process can be condensed to a matter of weeks if our clients have an urgent training need.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality e-learning solutions within the timescales and budgets that businesses need.

Modern Expectations

Video has quickly become one of the most accessed mediums online. We’ve been working hard to find creative ways of using video production to meet our learners in the middle and deliver training in a format they’re used to in their everyday. Considered use of video production allows us to ensure learners understand and recall what they need to as a result of a unique learning experience that often doesn’t feel like ‘learning’ at all.

We vary our video production process to match the unique needs of each client and requirement, but if there’s one commonality it’s this: we partner with our clients every step of the way.

Experts in fully bespoke video shoots, we often hire actors, write the scripts, do the filming and edit the footage to provide our clients with effective and unforgettable learning solutions, produced to the highest quality.

Keep it Varied

Our experience in all kinds of video production means we can suggest styles, scenarios and storylines to match the learning objectives of each project.

Whether that’s self-filmed style videos to introduce your teams in an up close and personal way, or an awareness generating or anecdotal interview. We can even create fully immersive interactive videos, using decision points from the learner to drive the entire scenario-based solution, with an emphasis on actions and consequences.

Video production isn’t all lights camera action. In fact, we’re also experts at post production, editing your existing video content with engaging and attractive overlays, iconography and more – refining and enhancing your key messages to ensure your learners hear you loud and clear.

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